Thanks for your interest in volunteering at Plano AsiaFest! Please follow our directions below in order to register as a volunteer.

Volunteering forms

-- Individual volunteering

All volunteers, and especially minors, are required to submit a signed Waiver and Release Form (also known as a permission slip) to volunteer at Plano AsiaFest.

Individual Volunteer Form (PDF)
Individual Volunteer Form (Word)

-- Group volunteering

Group Volunteer Form (PDF)
Group Volunteer Form (Word)

Please contact Dollie Thomas at volunteer@asianamericanheritage.org for more information on volunteering as a group.

Sending your Waiver and Release Form

Please email a signed copy as a PDF to Volunteer@AsianAmericanHeritage.org.

We recommend printing this form out, filling it out, and scanning it. If you don't have a scanner, consider using your smartphone to take a picture of your signed form and using an app like JotNot to send us your signed form electronically.


Our volunteer coordinator, Dollie Thomas, would be delighted to assist you with information regarding volunteering at AsiaFest '19. Please contact her at Volunteer@AsianAmericanHeritage.org.